About 85 Grams

Why some individuals function well within society for the better part of their lives only to morph into a polar opposite without forewarning may forever remain a mystery.

Arthur James Williams has been viewed as such a man. His path in life was predictable over four decades only to transform into one of Canada’s most notorious drug lords.

Highly regarded for his actions during the Second World War, he later handcrafted the Williams’ Long Bow, a work of art sought after by the leaders in competitive archery; but something tweaked his psyche during this time causing his view of bureaucracy and its administrators to take a combative shift.

Art Williams navigated for years beneath the judicial radar while hand selecting a crew that formed a criminal empire to take full advantage of synthetic drugs unrecognized within current legislation. The thirst for a chemical high along the North American west coast only wetted his appetite to meet the need. The thought of incarceration never daunted his aggressive approach as he considered himself superior to the best legal minds.

This is the first time the story has been told in full with no supposition or literary liberty as each player from both sides of the law contributed their personal experience to expose a real-life game of chess.