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Art Williams navigated for years beneath the judicial radar while hand selecting a crew that formed a criminal empire to take full advantage of synthetic drugs unrecognized within current legislation. The thirst for a chemical high along the North American west coast only wetted his appetite to meet the need for MDA, the processor to MDMA – Ecstasy.

The thought of incarceration never daunted his aggressive approach as he considered himself superior to the best legal minds.

For twelve years he slipped through the RCMP traps only to vanish in a reported plane crash when the odds turned against him. The question remains unanswered: “Did he die in the crash or was that just an elaborate hoax to cloud his escape.”






This historical biography – based on the life of British Columbia pioneer John Muir – tells the amazing story of a family from Scotland who came out to Canada in the late 1840s to work as “consignee” labourers for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Daryl Ashby recreates the story of the Muir’s struggle to develop a place for themselves in the hierarchic colony ruled by Sir James Douglas.

With their vision of a country based on democratic principles, the Muirs fought against the savagery of the land to become the first commercial venture to break the HBC monopoly on the West Coast.

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