Daryl Ashby’s Compelling Books about Drugs, Murder Mysteries, Organized Crime.

In the world of literature, some authors dare venture into the darker realms of human existence, captivating readers with tales of intrigue, suspense, and intoxicating narratives. Daryl Ashby is one such author whose gripping books delve into the realms of drugs, murder mysteries, organized crime, and the intricate world of marijuana. With meticulous research, an eye for detail, and a talent for storytelling, Ashby crafts compelling narratives that leave readers on the edge of their seats, craving more. In this guest blog, we will explore Ashby’s remarkable works and the unique blend of realism and imagination that make them must-reads for fans of these genres.

Unveiling the Shadows: Books about Drugs 

Daryl Ashby’s exploration of the world of drugs takes readers on a thrilling journey into addiction, crime, and the consequences that follow. In his book “85 Grams: Art Williams Drug Czar,” Ashby presents a riveting firsthand account of a criminal empire built around synthetic drugs that remain unrecognized within current legislation. With a meticulous eye for detail, he paints a vivid picture of the North American West Coast’s insatiable thirst for a high chemical and the lengths individuals will go to meet that demand. The protagonist’s audacious exploits and unyielding determination expose readers to a world beneath the judicial radar, where one man’s ambition and genius challenge even the best legal minds. The Books about Drugs leaves readers wondering: Did the enigmatic Art Williams die in a reported plane crash, or was it an elaborate hoax to cloud his escape?

Unravelling Enigmas: Murder Mystery Books 

Ashby’s talent for weaving intricate murder mysteries is evident in his works that delve into the dark recesses of criminal minds and the relentless pursuit of justice. In his book “Nobody’s Boy: Ralph Harris – The Northern Connection,” Ashby takes readers on a gripping journey through the underbelly of organized crime, where the protagonist, Ralph Harris, displaces the genius of Art Williams with high-level street smarts and brute force. Against the backdrop of the Love Drug, MDA, flowing back onto the city streets with greater intensity, Harris’s story unfolds with a single 2.5-ton load of Colombian Cocaine and a massive shipment of Mexican Marijuana. As the authorities struggle to find the source of the drug empire, Harris proves to be an elusive figure, evading conviction for 60 years despite facing 13 charges. Ashby’s meticulous research and intimate knowledge of the criminal world create an enthralling narrative that keeps readers captivated from beginning to end.

Unmasking the Underworld: Organized Crime Books 

Ashby’s books on organized crime books offer readers a glimpse into a world hidden beneath the surface, where power, corruption, and betrayal intertwine. In “John Muir: West Coast Pioneer,” Ashby presents a historical biography based on the life of British Columbia pioneer John Muir. The book sheds light on the struggles of Muir’s family, who arrived in Canada in the late 1840s as labourers for the Hudson’s Bay Company. As the Muirs fight against the hierarchic colony ruled by Sir James Douglas, they embody a vision of a country based on democratic principles. Their relentless efforts ultimately lead to breaking the Hudson’s Bay Company monopoly on the West Coast, making them the first commercial venture to challenge its dominance. Ashby’s vivid storytelling and attention to historical detail paint a rich tapestry of pioneers’ challenges in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Exploring the Green Leaf: Books about Marijuana 

In his books about marijuana, Daryl Ashby dives into the complex world of a plant that has both medicinal and recreational significance. While capturing the allure and controversy surrounding marijuana, Ashby explores the implications of its use and the far-reaching consequences associated with its production, distribution, and consumption. His works shed light on the evolving legal landscape, the clash between federal and state laws, and the socioeconomic impact of marijuana’s underground economy. With a blend of real-life stories and imaginative narratives, Ashby provides readers with a thought-provoking exploration of this multifaceted topic.

Unveiling the Lure: The Psychological Intricacies of Drug Use

Daryl Ashby’s exploration of drugs goes beyond the surface-level depiction of criminal activities. In his books, Ashby delves into the psychological intricacies of drug use, shining a light on its allure and dangers. By delving into the motivations and vulnerabilities of his characters, Ashby provides readers with a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics that drive individuals into the world of substance abuse. Through his meticulous research and character development, he creates a narrative that exposes the dark allure of drugs and sheds light on the personal struggles faced by those caught in their grip.

From Clues to Conclusions: The Art of Solving Murder Mysteries

In Ashby’s murder mystery books, readers are immersed in clues, suspects, and detailed investigations. Ashby masterfully crafts gripping narratives that engage readers as they navigate twists and turns. Through the eyes of his protagonists, readers become amateur detectives, piecing together evidence and unravelling complex webs of deception. Ashby’s attention to detail and skillful plotting make his murder mysteries a thrilling ride from start to finish. Whether it’s uncovering hidden motives or deciphering cryptic clues, readers will be captivated by Ashby’s ability to keep them guessing until the end.


Daryl Ashby’s books about drugs, murder mysteries, organized crime, and marijuana offer readers an immersive experience of the darker aspects of human existence. Through meticulous research, captivating storytelling, and a steadfast commitment to realism, Ashby creates narratives that leave a lasting impact. Whether delving into the shadowy world of drug cartels, unravelling complex murder mysteries, unmasking the inner workings of organized crime, or exploring the intricacies of marijuana’s influence, Ashby’s books provide a thrilling and thought-provoking journey. As fans of these genres, we are fortunate to have an author like Daryl Ashby, who fearlessly ventures into these realms, offering readers a chance to explore the intrigue and intoxication within.


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