“Achilles Heel”

“Achilles Heel”
If Ralph Harris ever had a weakness or Achilles heel as they call it, it is his inability to keep his pants zipped up when he’s away from home.
I’ve found no report that Ralph was unfaithful during his first marriage to Yvonne, but when it came to his second marriage something within him changed. Having met his second wife and their mutual family I can see no reason why that relationship would have spurned him to change his ways, but something definitely triggered an ongoing lust for anyone in a short skirt.
I asked one of his ladies what it was that caused her to hook up with Ralph and she replied, “I met him at a party and he seemed like a nice guy after which he approached me without making it clear what he wanted, so I blurted it out ‘What do you want Ralph’. His reply was pretty straight forward ‘I want you’. I knew he was married but that didn’t seem to matter in his eyes and everything evolved from there.
“He was a real charmer, generous and his manly feature was incredibly large which made for some interesting times together. I’m just pleased he didn’t have sufficient blood flow to render it firm as it would have caused me some serious damage.”
Ralph wasn’t happy with a single side affair at any given time but rather kept three women busy by juggling his Rolodex like a seasoned Wall Street broker. The lady I spoke with offered, “While one of the three women refused to accept the fact that she wasn’t his one and only flame, truth is we all knew of the others but it just didn’t matter. He was worth sharing.”
His wife knew of his affairs but by some divine power she chose to ignore it in favour of keeping the family structure together for the sake of their girls.
On one occasion their eldest daughter, who was about fifteen at the time, came home early from school only to find her father entertaining one of his girls in the master bed. Three feet behind her entered her mother, saddened that her daughter had to witness her father’s indiscretions. As one of her friends suggested, “She should be canonized by the church as a saint as she just forgave him on his promise not to do it again. She knew Ralph would again transgress, it was like in his DNA or something.”
While his eldest daughter to this day loves her father dearly, she finds herself unable to forgive him for shaming her mother the way he did.
Image of Ralph with a couple of his girlfriends.

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